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19 > 25 June 2023


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The International Paris Air Show is held every two year, the odd-numbered years at the Paris Le Bourget Exhibition Centre.

The next edition will be held from 19 to 25 June 2023. 

The first four days of the Show, from Monday 19 to Thursday 22 June 2023, are reserved for the Trade visitors.
​The Show is open to the General Public from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 June 2023.
The Show is open from Monday 19th to Sunday 25th 2023 from 8:30am to 6:00pm.

Exhibitors have access to the Show from 6.30am to 7.00pm. 
Parc des Expositions Paris‐le Bourget Aéroport Paris‐le Bourget 93350 Le Bourget FranceGPS coordinates: Latitude North +48° 56' 35.14" (48.943094) Longitude East +2° 25' 11.82" (2.419950)
Le Bourget is very well served by public transport: 

RER B + Shuttle
  • Line B: Station "Le Bourget" + shuttle. 
  • Line B: Station "Villepinte" + shuttle

Métro, bus and tramway: 
  • Line 7 or Tramway 1 station "La Courneuve - 8 mai 1945" + bus n °152 direction Gonesse ZAC des Tulipes Nord to "Michelet - Parc d'Expositions"
  • Line 12 station "Porte de la Chapelle " + bus N ° 350 direction Roissypole to "Michelet Parc d'Expositions "
  • RER B station "Le Bourget" + bus N°133 direction Gare de Sarcelles St Brice to "La Comète"
PAS is committed to furthering accessibility for all members of the public with disabitlities:
At your disposal :
  • A "wire cut" input at the L & O Gates 
  • A hostess, positioned after the "palpation stage" to accompany you in your steps (purchase of tickets, information, provision of a Golf-car to drop you at the desired place after your arrival at the show)
  • A dedicated car park near door L.
  • AXSOL which offers rental of adapted equipment

Consult our Accessibility section.


Round trip

RER B - Le Bourget Station <=> The Show (Gate L)


From Monday 19th to Sunday 25th june from 5.30 am to 7.30 pm every 10 minutes.


 Paris CDG airport <=> The Show (Gate L)

with Viparis

From Monday 19th to Friday 23rd june

  • from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm (8.00 am for T2D)

From airport - every 30 mn

TI : Départure evel, Porte 10

T2D : Arrival evel, Porte 9

T2F : Crossing T2F and T2E


  • from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm from the show, gate L,  every 15 mn

M7 - Fort d'Aubervilliers <=> The Show (Gate L)


From Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th june from 8.00 am to 7.30 pm every 15mn. 


Paris Nord Villepinte Park <=> The Show (Gate O)


From Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th june from 8.00 am to 7.30 pm every 15mn 


One way return only

The Show (Gate L) => Paris - Porte Maillot


From Monday 19th to Thursday 22nd june from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm from the show,
gate L, every 30 mn



Professional status must be proved at the entrance to the Show by presenting a trade or business card.
You must have an electronic badge printed in color or buy an admission ticket directly at the Show ticket desks.

During trade days, access to the Show is prohibited under 16 years old.

There are three types of professional badge, valid for one, two or seven days.

To access to the Show, please bring your electronic badge printed in color.

2023 Trade Visitor badges prices:
1 day, ordered online: €55 incl.VAT
1 day, buy on site: €65 incl.VAT
2 days, ordered online: €108 incl.VAT
7 days, ordered online: €200 incl.VAT

1 day Elite pro: €108 incl.VAT
4 days Elite pro: € 323 incl.VAT

Plateform is open: Click here.
We propose Professional Visitors the opportunity to purchase the Elite Pro Badge which provides access to the following benefits during the Trade Days of the Show:

• dedicated fast track entrance and an extended hours: entrance from 7.30 am,
• lounge area at the heart of the Show with refreshments and dedicated cloakroom,
• golf car service from the entrance doors and the Lounge areas,
• high-class Concierge Service,
• access to the Business centre,
• dedicated parking.

There are 2 types of Elite Pro badge:
1 day: €108 incl.VAT
or 4 days (during the professional days only): €323 incl.VAT

Plateform available: Click here
Trade Visitor on-line ticketing is available here.
Yes, you have the possibility to book conference rooms during the Show.
Contact: Karine Bouriot - - +33 (0)6 27 01 05 12
Some foreign citizens must obtain a visa to visit and stay in France. In order to help you in your visa procurement process we can send you an invitation letter in your Visitor area.
You must order at least one badge to obtain an invitation letter for your VISA request.
For more information you may visit the European and Foreign Affaires Minister website.
The General Public ticket is valid for only 1 day from Friday to Sunday from 8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. There is no rate for several days of visit during the General Public days.

To attend seated, the flight demonstrations on the afternoons of the General Public days you must buy a ticket from the category "Entrance + Grandstand".

Buy in advance online at PAS website or on-site (limited places in the grandstand).
Caution: Payments by cheque are not accepted and the tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable.

THE TICKET OFFICE IS OPEN/en/public-days/ticket-2023.htm

Single Entrance:
ProductsPrice incl. VAT
Entrance ticket to the Show€17.00
Group entrance ticket to the Show (min 15pax)€15.50

Entrance + Grandstand:
ProductsPrice incl. VAT
Entrance ticket to the Show + Grandstand*€29.00
Group entrance ticket to the Exhibition + Grandstand* (min 15 pax)€27.50
Entrance ticket to the Show children ≤ 7 years old + Grandstand*€12.00

*Caution: Entrance ticket to the Show + Grandstand are dated
General Public tickets are not nominative.
The name that appears on the ticket is the name of the person who made the order. No proof will be requested at the entrance of the Show. You can then give it to a third party.
General Public tickets are valid for one day. If you want to visit the Show during the three General Public days, you need to buy one ticket for each day, i.e. three tickets.
Once you leave the Show during the General Public days, you cannot return.
The Grandstand ticket gives admission to seats in the grandstand, but they are not numbered.
When buying tickets, be sure to select the day of your visit.
Seats are on sale within the limits of availability.
The General Public ticket provides admission to the Show when it opens at 8.30 a.m.
With your grandstand ticket you can access the grandstand whenever you want.
Flight demonstrations take place from around 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
The General Public online ticketing is available at

You can buy Single Entrance ticket or Show Entrance + Grandstand tickets (depending on availability) at or on site. However, we advise you to buy in advance your tickets online to save time at the Entrance doors of the Show.
  • Students are admitted free of charge on Friday 23 June, 2023.
  • Only post-baccalaureate students with valid student card are eligible.
  • Conditions for obtaining a free ticket:
    • Post-baccalaureat students : Only students from high schools and schools providing professional baccalaureat, BEP (technical school) and CAP (vocational training) certificates in aeronautics may apply for free admission on Friday 23 June,2023
    • Under the age of 27
    • Online registration with a copy of a valid student card
NB: only French student cards and international cards (ISIC) will be accepted.
After validation of your application, you will receive an electronic ticket that you will be required to present at the entrances.
A verification of your student card and an identity document will be carried out at the entrances of the Show.
Anyone unable to present these documents will have to buy a ticket at the ticket office to access the Show.
The student ticketing area is available: Click here.
GIFAS welcomes school and student group visits, organised and supervised by educational establishments to the Paris Air Show as part of its Careers Plane exhibition, for schools meeting the conditions below:

Visits are possible every day of the Show (including on trade days) upon prior registration with GIFAS, using a registration form accompanied by a letter of motivation from the school Principal.
NB: There must be a supervisor for every 10 students.
Please send the following information to from December 2022 so that we can process your request:
  • Name of school
  • Class level
  • Number of students
  • Number of supervisors
  • A supporting letter from the school Director (with signature and school stamp)
  • A postal address where tickets can be sent
  • A contact/person in charge with a telephone number and email address

Subject to approval of your visit, we will then send you the procedure to be followed, with all the information you will need.
Send your request to from December 2022. 
  • Disabled Persons(obtaining free access 1 day only on site): Free granted to accompanying persons (1 person) of participants with disabilities, requiring assistance and possessing an entry to the Show. Privileged access via the thread cut entrance (Fast)..
  •  Children aged 7 and under On site, a bracelet will be given to children to be scanned like any other access title. Parents must note their telephone number on the bracelet.
  • Job seekers for the Aéro Recrute  operation (online accreditation only):
Badge request to be made on the site / Professional Visitors section. These people must prove their job seeker status using proof from Pôle Emploi to be downloaded from the badge request interface.
Caution : Free admission is granted for one day only per person from 19 to 22 June 2023.
  • The French Military (including gendarmes): French soldiers in activity, in uniform and on presentation of the up-to-date military card.
  • Pilots in Uniform
Professional airline pilots (French + international) in uniform, in activity in an airline company and with an up-to-date professional license (CPL, ATPL).
Private drivers (PPL) are not affected by this free.
  • Members of the Aéroclub de France
Upon presentation of up-to-date 2023 membership card and ID.
  • Bearers of the Aeronautical Medal
Upon presentation of card and ID.
SIAE has chosen the Peek'in solution for lost property management.

Lost an object? Declare its loss on the dedicated application (soon online)... and stay in touch with the Conciergerie!

Have you found an object? Drop it off at one of the 6 info points or at the reception desk, or at the Conciergerie located at the Commissariat Général.
Check* your checked baggage at the show site. Say goodbye to the stress of baggage and hello to the freedom to travel light.
Between H-30 and H-3 before your Air France and Skyteam flight, and from €25 for the first bag and €10 per additional bag, the traveltech Alltheway allows you to reserve a 10-minute slot to check-in your luggage at the luggage locker at Porte L.

Service available in Door L


* Air France flights & associated airlines SkyTeam

Where aerospace leaders get down to business

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