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TRADE VISITORS ACCES (badges, invoices...)

Thank you all for taking part in the 54th Paris Air Show !

See you for the 55th edition of the Paris Air Show will be held
from 19 to 25 June 2023.

There are three types of Trade Visitor badge, valid for one, two or seven days.

To access to the Show, please bring your electronic badge printed in color.

Hours : 08.30am to  06.00pm

2023 Trade Visitor badges prices:
1 day, ordered online: €55 incl.VAT
1 day, buy on site: €65 incl.VAT
2 days, ordered online: €108 incl.VAT
7 days, ordered online: €200 incl.VAT

You can also buy your badge at the Show's entrance offices (2023).

1 day Elite pro: €108 incl.VAT
4 days Elite pro: € 323 incl.VAT

Caution : Trade Visitor badges are not refundable.
Children under 16 years old ar not allowed on the Show during the Trade visitor days (from Monday 19 to Thursday 22 June 2023).

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