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Paris Air Mobility

The 54th International Paris Air Show organised for the first time the Paris Air Mobility event!

Paris Air Mobility has showcased, from 19 to 25 June, the latest innovations and emerging technologies in eVTOL and bring together key players in this dynamic community for networking and knowledge exchange. Located in Hall 5, the event will has combined an exhibition area, where manufacturers and start-ups display their revolutionary products and services, alongside an industry leading conference program, where senior-level speakers have provided analyses and insights on the current state of the AAM market and how to drive the industry forward.
Produced by the Paris Air Show, this unique event has been the top destination for key players in the advanced air mobility (AAM) ecosystem.
In partnership with Aviation Week Network, the Paris Air Mobility has delivered a high level, innovative, forward-looking program of advanced air mobility content across 3 days, from 20 to 22 June, bringing together subject matter experts to provide thought leadership on key challenges and opportunities facing the eVTOL industry.


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