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The new Hall 3

The 31st of January, after 7 years of work and 20 months of construction, the SIAE took delivery of the new Hall 3 at Paris-Le Bourget Exhibition Centre.

This new building now has an exhibition area of 19,260m2 compared to 12,040m2 in the old hall.
The ceiling is 9 meters high instead of 5. It is a more welcoming, environmentally and sustainable building.
Hall 3 and its construction represent:
  • a 20,000 m² wooden framework using 2,400 m3 of wood.
  • HQE (high environmental quality) & BREEAM (building energy performance) certifications.
  • 94% of demolition waste reused, 65% of which was directly on site.
  • a carbon footprint < 16 kt CO2 eq.
  • 200,000 man-hours worked on the project, of which approximately 20,000 were spent on social and professional integration.
This new hall will be used for the first time at the next Paris Air Show.
It will then be made available, along with the entire Paris-Le Bourget Exhibition Center, to the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee, to house the Main Media Center (a broadcasting and production center for radio, television and print media).

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