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Paris Air Lab

Paris Air Lab 
Towards carbon neutral flight..
For its third edition, the Paris Air Lab takes you to the heart of a new revolution in air transport, today in the throws of a global transition to decarbonized travel. In response to international commitments to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, a vast network of programmes, research projects and technological breakthroughs will be brought to life in an exciting, educational circuit hosted in its own 1000 m2 space in the heart of the show.
Discover the innovations under way in the worlds of technology, aerial operations and alternative energy sources, and the new face of manufacturing supporting this transformation. 
Get to know an entire international ecosystem, from manufacturers to researchers and energy specialists, all working together to find the best technological path to the aircraft of tomorrow, putting an end to fossil fuels, creating new paths across the sky and shaping the future of our industries. 
Meet industry specialists and learn about the challenging roadmap presented by the need to coordinate the implementation of these new levers for low emissions and carbon neutral air transport by 2050.

This year, the Paris Air Lab stage also offers a rich and varied programme of talks, with keynote speeches from the industry’s leading names.

A series of round tables throughout the week will look in-depth at key issues like the conditions required for the transition to alternative energies, and special sessions will be dedicated to European programmes and emerging players, including a session dedicated to pitches from start-ups working on decarbonization.

Where aerospace leaders get down to business

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