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The Careers Plane is a unique area at the Paris Air Show designed for exploring the professions in the aerospace industry, discussing training courses with young people and recruiting new talents!

The first area in the International Paris Air Show co-organised with GIFAS (French aerospace industries group), the Careers Plane provides a fresh, informative overview of the sector, where youngsters can get an idea of this type of career, students can seek out an internship or training course, young graduates can find their first job and established professionals can pinpoint new opportunities
Here you can discover the hands-on reality of a cutting-edge sector and tomorrow's professions, and talk to the men and women who work in the aerospace sector each day.
Throughout the week, a hundred or so professionals will take it in turns to introduce visitors to around fifteen very different types of job. 
In a 3,000 m2 hall, audiences can explore an immersive educational circuit that includes:
• a demonstration and discussion area coordinated by professionals who tell you about their current jobs and those of the future;
• a meeting area where you can talk to companies looking to recruit, as well as schools offering courses you can sign up for (with qualifications ranging from vocational training certificates to engineering diplomas).
This year, the Careers Plane is hosting 70 Exhibitors, industrial players and training schools/associations/operators, with a programme of talks, activities, HR events on jobs and training, visits for secondary and high school students and a large number of Official Delegations.
The aerospace sector is recruiting
The French aerospace sector represents some 195,000 jobs (the aerospace workforce in France involving members of GIFAS in 2018), and a total of over 350,000 jobs in France. The sector has demonstrated powerful dynamic energy over the past few years, and is looking to recruit around 15,000 new talents this year. It is still one of the sectors that takes on the largest number of young people, particularly through courses combined with work experience. There has been a considerable rise in these schemes, with nearly 7,300 young people on work-study contracts in early 2019 (up 7% compared with 2018).
Remember to bring your CV with you when you visit!
Aeroemploiformation; the first aerospace/defence industry jobs and training portal.
GIFAS has designed a site especially for you, which lists all the job offers in the sector and enables you to pinpoint in one click all the training courses geared to working within it.
  • 7,000 job and training offers on line each day.
  • Access to the contact details of 280 recruiters in the sector.
  • A CV library where you can file your CV and be "headhunted" by recruiters  
  • 700 training courses for vocational training certificates and engineering diplomas, opening the way to future professions in the industry.   
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