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Accessibility of the Show

We consider the reception of all visitors, whether they have special needs or not, to be a fundamental priority in our business.
In order to ensure the accessibility of its event and to guarantee a quality visit for all participants, the PAS is particularly attentive to the facilities for people with special needs. We have therefore designed our facilities in such a way as to encourage your autonomy and enable you to make the most of your visit to the Show.
Since 2013, the PAS has been committed to a process of continuous improvement by working with companies specialising in disability. For the 2023 edition, the company ATIPY will oversee this mission by carrying out an audit during the Show and by organising a consultation meeting with various associations.
In this section, you will find all the facilities we have put in place to make your visit as pleasant as possible.
Public transport
We recommend taking the following public transportation routes to get to the Show. They will drop you off closest to the event location among all available public transportation options.

RER + Shuttle
Line B: Le Bourget RER stop + free shuttle for access to Gate L (100m walk to the entrance)
Line B: Villepinte stop + free shuttle for access to Gate O (200m walk to the entrance)
Features in both RER stations:
  • Elevators
  • PRM-adapted vending machines
  • Platform edge warning strips
  • Hearing loop
  • Extended ticket control system
  • PRM-adapted ticket counter

The Bourget site is served by two bus stops: the Michelet - Parc des Expositions stop, served by buses 152, 350, and 610 for access to Gate O, and the La Comète stop, served by buses 133 and 610 for access to Gate L.
Although the entrances are wheelchair accessible, it should be noted that they are located approximately 500 meters from the entrances, a distance to be taken into consideration.

Personal Vehicles
For the General Public
The PAS has built a PRM (Person with Reduced Mobility) car park with 101 parking spaces near Gate L.

This car park does not have a reservation system.

All disability cards are accepted.

Drop off or pick up by a third party (such as a Taxi, Chauffeur driven car, etc.)
It is strictly forbidden and dangerous to drop off people outside the designated areas.
The taxi drop-off and pick-up area is located at Gate L.
Chauffeur driven car
The drop-off and pick-up area is located at Gate O.

Gates L and O have priority access lanes. You can benefit from this service by presenting a disability card or a mobility inclusion card.
The PAS has equipped the ticket booths at the entrances of Gates L and O with a magnetic induction loop. These loops ensure clear and precise communication for people with hearing aids.
In accordance with the law of February 11, 2005 requiring that Public Access Buildings be made accessible, the reception staff is trained in welcoming people with disabilities.
Shuttle Trains
Throughout the duration of the Show, PAS provides shuttle trains whose number and frequency vary depending on the type of day.
Professional Days (June 19-22, 2023)
PAS has 6 shuttle trains from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, with 8 stops on a well-defined route.
Public Days (June 23-25, 2023)
PAS has 2 shuttle trains, from 8:30 am to 10:00 am and from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm, with 2 stops on a well-defined route.
One of the two trains is equipped to accommodate people with reduced mobility.
Equipment rental
To facilitate your movement within the Show, PAS has established a partnership with the company AXSOL to offer you a rental service for PMR mobility equipment. If you wish to rent equipment, you have two options:

The first is to make a reservation online by clicking on the following link:

Alternatively, you can also rent equipment on site by going to the AXSOL rental service located next to the PMR parking lot, at Gate L.

Information points
During your visit, the Show provides you with 7 information points where you can obtain information. 

The toilets available on the Salon site are accessible and designed to comply with current regulations.
 The Show covers an area of ​​60 hectares with a show area of ​​125,000 m2, which can involve very long distances to travel.
The flight demonstrations and the noise they produce can be unpleasant or even aggressive for some people.
During the Grand Public days, the Show can accommodate up to 100,000 people simultaneously, which can result in crowded areas and passages, and therefore be uncomfortable for some people.
 We encourage you to bring a water bottle (maximum 75 cl and not made of glass).
We advise you to check the weather before your visit and to equip yourself accordingly (sunscreen, cap or rainwear…).
We hope this information will be useful for you to prepare your visit to the Paris Air Show. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or specific needs. We are here to welcome you in the best possible conditions.

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