CSR approach

Our CSR approach - Ambitieuse et certifiée ISO 20 121

Since 2007, SIAE has implemented an innovative, ambitious Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy organised around three major goals:

  1. 1. Welcoming those involved in the Show under the best conditions (health, safety and comfort).
  2. 2. Understanding and managing environmental impacts resulting from the Show's construction and operations.
  3. 3. Giving stakeholders the tools to contribute to the Show's sustainable development approach.

These goals appear in 15 operational areas within a sustainable development management system. Our CSR approach has furthermore received ISO 20 121 certification (following in the footsteps of the London Olympics 2012).
The Le Bourget Parc des Expositions has also held ISO 20 121 certification since June 2014.

SIAE wants to continue implementing concrete initiatives while also boosting its consultation approach with those involved. Exhibitors, visitors, service providers, locals, in-house employees and others: our CSR approach involves everyone, regardless of whether they are slightly or greatly affected by the Show. Each stakeholder is involved in our CSR approach through two complementary goals: reducing the environmental and social impact of their work and sharing their expectations, needs and problems relating to CSR.

Health, safety and comfort: SIAE's 3 priorities

Our health, safety and comfort system is a cornerstone of our CSR approach: ensuring compliance with Personal Protective Equipment requirements (safety shoes, gloves, helmets, safety glasses, etc.), providing a handling providers service and traffic system to minimise the risk of an accident, providing rest areas for all workers and a low-cost canteen, and promoting local employment with a skilled pool of workers available to recruit through Adecco93.

Accessibility: a major challenge for 2015

In 2015, the 2005 French law on accessibility came into force. As part of the new regulations, SIAE carried out an accessibility audit of the 2013 Show. An action plan (2015-2019) has been put in place in order to take into account all accessibility issues. For instance, the show host staff has been trained to help disabled visitors, a special phone number was available to those involved, and 2 dedicated golf carts were available to transport visitors in wheelchairs around the site. Exhibitors have also been encouraged to consider the accessibility of their stand or chalet.

New practices to reduce environmental impacts

Like most major shows, SIAE is a major carpet consumer (nearly 40,000m2). As part of our CSR approach, our management has decided to replace carpet rolls (disposable) by carpet tiles (reusable). In addition to reducing the quantity of waste, these 0.5 x 0.5m carpet tiles provide superior comfort to visitors. This initiative will also reduce the Show's carbon footprint by almost 80 tCO2e: equal to 80 years of a French person's emissions. 

And let's not forget the Re-Use campaign, which aims to collect building materials and furniture no longer wanted by exhibitors in order to ensure its re-use by manufacturers (some floor and ceiling coverings) and associations in the Paris region (building materials and furniture). This campaign is open to all exhibitors and has been set up in partnership with FFM2E and four materials manufacturers (Desso, Interface, Knauf and Armstrong).
The CSR approach is in constant evolution, for any comments or suggestions, please write to :  developpementdurable@siae.fr