The 52nd International Paris Air Show is taking place from 19 to 25 June 2017 at the Parc des Expositions, Le Bourget, a few kilometres from Paris. 
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Which periods are for professionals only, and which for the General Public? Who can visit the Show?

The first four days of the Show (Monday 19 to Thursday 22 June 2017) are reserved for the trade visitors. The Show is open to the General Public from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 June 2017.
Badges, tickets and accreditation
> Trade visitors badges  

What are the conditions for visiting the Show during the trade days?

Professional status must be proved at the entrance to the Show by presenting a trade or business card. 
Admission to the trade days is prohibited to those under 16.
Lastly, you must have an electronic badge (which will be exchanged for a badge at the entrance), or buy an admission ticket directly at the Show ticket desks.
What do professional (trade visitors?) badges cost and how long are they valid?

There are three types of professional badges, valid for one, two or seven days.
BadgePrices incl. VATWhere to buyDays valid
1 day
45 €
Online only on siae.frChoose days
1 day
55 €
At the ShowChoose days
2 days
90 €
Online only on siae.frChoose days
7 days
126 €
Online only on siae.frEvery day
To enter the Show, you should present your printed electronic badge, which will be exchanged for an admission badge on site at the entrances.
When can trade visitors tickets be bought?
Online applications for trade tickets open in January 2017. (Link to page)

> General Public tickets  

How much is a ticket for the General Public days?
An admission ticket for the General Public days costs €14 incl. tax for one day.
Admission to the Show is free to children under 7.
You can extend this admission ticket by buying a Grandstand ticket if you want to watch the flight displays from a seat in the grandstand. GrandStand seats cost €11 incl. tax.
GrandStand tickets alone do not provide admission to the Show, only to the seated area in the grandstand, so you will need to buy an entrance ticket as well if you want to see the Show.
Children under 7 must have tickets for the grandstand.
combined ticket (admission + grandstand) is available for €25 incl. tax.
When buying tickets, remember to indicate the date of your visit.

How long is a General Public ticket valid?
General Public tickets are valid for one day. If you want to visit the Show on the three General Public days, you will need to buy one ticket for each day, i.e. three tickets.
Once you leave the Show during the General Public days, you cannot return.
Are General Public tickets nominative?
General Public tickets are not nominative. The name appearing on the ticket is that of the person who ordered it; it can be given to another person.

Are seats in the grandstand numbered?
The grandstand ticket gives admission to seats in the grandstand, but they are not numbered.
When buying tickets, be sure to select the day for your visit.
What time can I enter the grandstand?
The Show + grandstand ticket provides admission to the Show when it opens at 8.30 a.m. You can enter the grandstand when you wish. Flight displays begin at 12.30 p.m. and end at around 4.30 p.m.

How What are group and works council rates for tickets during the General Public days?
Concessions are €12.50 incl. tax per person for a group of at least 15 people whose tickets are bought at the same time. 
There is no special rate for several days' visit during the General Public period.
Works councils should apply directly to France Billet: http://www.francebillet.com/
I am a persone with reduced mobility: can i visit the Show?
The SIAE makes every effort to make the Show as welcoming and accessible as possible for disabled people.
Persons with reduced mobility have priority admission at the entrance to the Show. Staff trained in the reception of PRMs will be there to assist them. Car parks will be reserved for PRMs near gate L.
Admission prices for one PRM and a carer is €45 incl. tax online and €55 incl. tax on site during the trade days (19 to 22 June 2017) and €14.50 incl. tax during the general public days (23 to 25 June 2017). 

> Student tickets 

Visits to the Show are free on Friday 23 June for certain schools meeting the conditions below, and for post-baccalaureate students who request admission online in advance.
How can I visit the Show as a student?
Students are admitted free on Friday 23 June.
Only post-baccalaureate students with valid student cards are eligible.
Conditions for obtaining a free ticket:
  • Post-baccalaureate students
  • Under the age of 27
  • Online registration with a copy of a valid student card
NB: only French student cards and international cards (ISIC) will be accepted.
Pre-registration opens in March 2017.
When your application has been approved, you will receive an electronic ticket, which you present at the entrance. Student cards and identity papers will be checked at the entrance to the Show. Anyone unable to produce these documents will have to buy a ticket at the ticket office to enter the Show.
Can schools visit the Show?
Only students at lycées (high schools) and schools providing professional baccalaureate, BEP (technical school) and CAP (vocational training) certificates in aeronautics may apply for free admission on Friday 23 June.
Applications must be supported by a letter from the school's director.
NB: There must be a supervisor for every 10 students.
Please send the following information to visiteurs@siae.fr so that we can process your request:
  •       Name of school
  • Class level
  •        Number of students
  •        Number of supervisors
  •        A supporting letter from the school director (with signature and school stamp)
  •       A postal address where tickets can be sent
  •       A contact/person in charge with a telephone number and email address 
Subject to approval of your visit, we will then send you the procedure to be followed, with all the information you will need.
What are the conditions for free admission to the Show?
Free admission to the Show is awarded to:
  • Active French soldiers in uniform on presentation of their military cards (badges must be worn)
NB: exceptions will be made for soldiers in civilian clothing holding a CIMMS (multiservice military ID) card
  • French and International Pilots in uniform on presentation of their pilot's card (badges must be worn)
  • Aéroclub de France members on presentation of a 2017 membership card
  • Children under 7 during the general public days
  • Students who have previously applied on www.siae.fr

How to get there and accessibility to the site

How to get to the Show?
Address: Parc des Expositions du Bourget - 93350 Le Bourget
By car: 
Motorway: A1 – exit 5
Public transport: 

Suburban train line RER B: alight at "Le Bourget "
Bus lines 350 and 152: alight at "Michelet Parc d'Expositions"
Metro line 7: alight at "La Courneuve 8 mai 1945"
Given the large numbers of people, we advise you to use public transport.

Are there any shuttles to the Show?
We provide a free shuttle service to and from the RER train station at Le Bourget, and to and from Roissy CDG airport.
More details will be provided in May 2017.

What are the parking possibilities?

On Tarde Days: Parking du Bourget 15€ incl. tax per day.
on Général Public days: Parking le Bourget 19€ incl. Taxe per day, Parking Villepinte 11€ incl. taxe per day. 
Prices are the same for motobikes. The price 40€ VAT incl. for buses.

Are there any hotels recommended by the Show?
The hotels closest to the Show are located in Le Bourget and Le Blanc-Mesnil. You will also find accommodation along the transport routes (RER B and A1 motorway).
There are also hotels close to the Gare du Nord railway station in Paris and in the city centre. All these Paris hotels provide easy access to Le Bourget using the RER B suburban train line.
Hotels near the Show and Roissy: http://www.tourisme93.com/document.php?pagendx=752
Hotels near the Gare du Nord train station: http://www.tourisme93.com/document.php?pagendx=2820
You can also reserve an apartment via MagicStay: https://fr.magicstay.com/
I am a person with reduced mobility: can I visit the Show?
The SIAE makes every effort to make the Show as welcoming and accessible as possible for disabled people.
Persons with reduced mobility have priority admission at the entrance to the Show. Staff trained in the reception of PRMs will be there to assist them. Car parks will be reserved for PRMs near gate L.
Admission prices for one PRM and a carer is €45 incl. tax online and €55 incl. tax on site during the trade days (19 to 22 June 2017) and €14.50 incl. tax during the general public days (23 to 25 June 2017). 

Planning your visit

Which exhibitors and aircraft will be present at the Show?
The 2015 list of exhibitors and aircraft can be seen on the website: siae.fr.
The following will be communicated in April 2017:
  • The list of exhibitors in 2017
  • The list of aircraft in 2017 (the list may change right up to the opening of the Show, and is for information only)
How is possible to buy an official catalogue?
You can order an official catalogue when you buy a professional (trade visitors) electronic badge online. The price is €60 incl. tax. You collect the catalogue on site at the Show.
You can also buy a catalogue directly at the Show, costing €…...
When do the flight displays take place?
Flight displays take place each day from 12.30 p.m. to around 4.30 p.m., as indicated in a programme available on the Show website and mobile app. The schedule is subject to change, mainly as a result of weather conditions.
A complete programme indicating the aircraft performing displays at the Show will be posted on the website in early June 2017.
Is it possible to visit or fly on board aircraft?
During the Show, only exhibitors can authorise visits of any of their aircraft.
For security reasons, passengers are not allowed on aircraft performing flight displays during the Show.
Can I do flying lessons or do an introductory course?
Not at the Show. For more information, visit the website of the Fédération Française de l’Aéronautique  http://ff-aero.fr
Can I come to the Show with my private plane?
If you wish to come with your private aircraft, traffic at the Le Bourget platform is managed by Aéroports de Paris. Contact: 01 48 62 52 20
Can I come with my dog?
Pets are forbidden at the Show, apart from guide dogs for the blind.
Is it possible to book meeting rooms?
Meeting rooms are only available to exhibitors at the Show.
For more information, please contact: Viparis – Carole Hugon - Tel. +33 (0)1 41 69 20 15
Is there a mobile app to help me plan my visit?
The mobile app for the 2017 Show will be available in May 2017.
This will help you to plan your visit, find your way around the Show, find the shortest route to your destination, and more.
You will find an interactive map, the list of aircraft, the events laid on at the Show and exhibitors' new products.
You can create a group with your colleagues or friends visiting the Show to get around and find each other easily through your dedicated group on the mobile app.
Can I find job offers at the Show?
The GIFAS (French aerospace industries group) is providing an area dedicated to skills, training and employment in the aerospace industry.
Visitors can use two complementary methods of information and exchange:
  • a skills demonstration zone: the "Careers Plane"
  • an area for meeting recruitment managers from companies and training schools: the Jobs and Training Forum. 
In line with its theme, "Journey to the heart of excellence", the 2017 edition thus provides a completely new overview of the sector in an area of 3,000 m²! 
Will be there any innovation ( products, services, etc.) at the Show?
As well as exhibitors' innovations, there will be a brand-new space dedicated to innovation in the Concorde Hall, where you can find a range of highly creative start-ups, gain inspiration from talks and debates, or try out the latest immersive technologies. 

On-site services
Is there a left-luggage office at the Show?
There are left-luggage offices at entrances L and O of the Show where you can leave suitcases.
Price: €3 incl. tax per item
Is there any restaurants at the Show?
You will find a wide range of food at numerous catering outlets, and a choice between restaurants with table service, catering vendors and snack bars.
Is there Wifi at the Show?
Free Wifi is available everywhere in the Show. However, the output may fluctuate sometimes, due to heavy use.
Is there cash machines at the Show?
A cash machine is available in the central aisle of the Show near Hall 2B
Are there souvenir shops at the Show?
Official shops will be dotted all around the Show area, providing a wide range of products linked with the Show. 
You can pinpoint the official shops on plans of the Show.

First aid posts
Numerous first aid posts will be set up all around the Show area.
Can you provide some information about the Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace?
The admission ticket to the Show gives admission to the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace.
Throughout the Show period, admission to the museum is subject to the same rules as the Show.
To find out more about the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace, visit the museum's official website: www.mae.org
Can you provide some information about other Shows taking place at the Parc des Expositions de Paris Le Bourget
For all information about other Shows taking place at Le Bourget, see the VIPARIS website: www.viparis.com

Information : visiteurs@siae.fr
Hotline and ticketing assistance :
Trade Visitors / Exhibitors: +33 (0)1 73 03 47 99 / siae@badgeonline.net
General Public : visiteurs@siae.fr