From 17 to 23 June 2019

NEW 2017

A succes for the first edition

  • 50 000 visitors
  • 53 official delegations
  • booth : 85 startups from 14 countries
  • 3 000 sqm dedicated to research and innovation 
  • 6 virtual reality booths                              
  • 2 daily sessions of presentations dedicated to the innovation - Opening by the main CTO of the sector and handing over more than 100 startups "pitchs"
  • prestigious guests


  • 50 medias top stories
  • 11 000 tweets & retweets
  • + 4 000 likes
  • #ParisAirLab

At the heart of the Paris Air Show, Concorde Hall had hosted the first edition of Paris Air Lab: 3000 sqm dedicated to research and innovation. Featuring collaborative work from industrial groups, companies, and startups from aeronautics and aerospace; conference debates on the future of the field; international startup pitches; immersive experiences and more, the Paris Air Lab has something for everyone.

Participants can explore 22 booths dedicated to innovation, aeronautics, aerospace and digital technology, or follow suggested thematic paths throughout the event. The Paris Air Lab has 2 conference rooms for keynote speakers and pitch sessions, 6 virtual reality booths, a “future vehicles” booth, and “Earth seen from above” photo exhibition. The Paris Air Lab also offers several co-working and relaxation spaces so participants can take time to enjoy the experience.

From artificial intelligence to jet propulsion, nearly 100 startups were featured throughout the week, as well as more than a dozen industrial associations, space agencies, and research centers, who have worked together to present their latest collaborative innovations.

PICK-UP YOUR INNOVATION - 22 spaces dedicated to startups and collaboration

  • Space Course: follow this course to learn more about the current research programs from international space agencies, the future of space discovery, the technologies behind Earth observation, and propulsion systems.
  • Digital Applications Course: stay up to date on the latest industry trends – from drones to connectivity – with SESAR and NextGen, and discover the future of space travel! 
  • Sky Course: learn the latest innovations in sustainable aviation, propulsion, and the aircrafts of the future. 

In addition to these three themed experiences, 10 other startup booths were presented throughout the conference, where nearly 100 industry influencers have presented their most innovative products.

VISIONARY HUB – Hear from innovators, thinkers, scientists, astronauts, and designers

Pitchs sessions :

Twice a day (at 10:00 am and 3:30 pm), an industry influencer has introduced a 30 minute pitch session, where startups had the opportunity to convince the expert of the importance of their project. 

Battle confs :

Every day at 11:00am, we invite you to engage with some of the greatest scientists, designers, astronauts, and philosophers of our time as they debate topics like, “Does the future of aerospace belong to startups?” or “How do science and  imagination bring progress to society?”

Conferences were led by Anicet Mbida

Anicet Mbida is a French television and radio host on Europe 1 and France 2. He hosts "Made in France" and "Innovation". Before joining Europe 1 and France 2, he worked for M6 from 2012 to 2016. He is passionate about new technologies and innovations.


    Florence Porcel

Florence Porcel is a successful astrophysicist, author, comedian, and French Youtuber. She is passionate about sciences and space. She has written a variety of books and graphic novels on space, and refers to herself as the "official community manager of the universe".  
            ©​Chloé Vollmer-Lo


Visitors can put on virtual reality goggles and step into the shoes of Thomas Pesquet, or even become a fighter pilot.

List of Experiences:
Inside of a cockpit: Meet the French Air Patrol
                 Try your hand at flying a plane from the French Air Patrol! 
Flying like a bird
               Fly like a bird around the world at Paris Air Lab!
Become an astronaut
                 Follow Thomas Pesquet as he prepares for his mission on the International Space Station. 
Discover space
                 Discover space like an astronaut and fly to the stars and even the moon!
Constellium Experience
                Take a 3D look at airplane parts thanks to HTC Vive technology. 
Accenture Experience
              Assemble an airplane with the breakthrough technology by Microsoft, Hololens!

With Paris Air Lab, be ready to board for innovation! 


Starburst is the first startup accelerator dedicated to aerospace based in Paris, Los Angeles, Montreal, Munich and Singapore.

In 5 years, Starburst has become the leader on innovation in the world of aerospace, thanks to a global vision of technologic developments and disruptive breakthroughs.


Thanks to our technological partners ! Our visitors will be able to make new technological innovations discoveries !

Where aerospace leaders
get down to business