GIFAS (French Aerospace Industries Association) is offering an area dedicated to careers, training and employment in the aerospace industry, air transport and national defence.
With the theme "Journey to the heart of excellence", the 2017 edition is providing a fresh overview of the sector. Visitors can explore this cutting-edge industry through an instructive, immersive circuit laid out in a 3,000 m² marquee.
There are two complementary areas:
  • The Careers Plane: an area for demonstration and dialogue coordinated by professionals in the sector 
  • The Jobs and Training Forum: a space for meeting recruitment managers from companies and training schools


Featuring a central island offering immersive videos on the aerospace trades, this is where visitors can meet the men and women who work in the aerospace sector every day.  
The careers plane 2015 - demonstration ©A DASTE – SIAE 2015
The careers plane 2015 - demonstration ©A DASTE – SIAE 2015
A unique opportunity to meet those who design, produce, sell and maintain aircraft, and to see and touch the final product, from engines and helicopter propeller blades to aeroplane seats and altimeters. There are several ways of interacting:
  • Through demonstrations, where participants can see professionals in almost real-life situations, and sometimes try the tools themselves.
  • Through short talks in small groups of ten or so, where speakers talk about their careers, their everyday professional life and projects on which they have worked. 

The Careers Plane is divided into three thematic areas: Design, Industrialisation and Production and Support, Marketing and Maintenance, with nearly 800 professionals taking turns throughout the week to introduce visitors to the aerospace job chain. All in all, some 40 different trades will be presented, illustrating the sector's diversity, and visitors will be able to meet a flight test engineer, an industrial project manager, a radar operator, a Big Data engineer, a laminater-fitter and an avionics mechanic.
If they want to go further, visitors can find information at the Jobs and Training Forum about training courses or job vacancies in the trades that interest them. 


The leading trade show for jobs and training in the aerospace sector, the Jobs and Training Forum is a meeting point for companies, education institutions, associations and the general public: an opportunity to discover the sector's highly-sought after profiles and skills requirements, and the trades of the future. 
The jobs and training forum 2015 - ©A DASTE – SIAE 2015
The jobs and training forum 2015 - ©A DASTE – SIAE 2015

Both a recruitment forum and a career counselling show, the Jobs and Training Forum is there to help young people to choose their careers, students to look for a training course or apprenticeship, young graduates to find their first job, and experienced professionals to broaden their horizons. 
This event is divided into two main stages:
  • 4 days for professionals: Monday 19 to Thursday 22 June 2017
  • 3 days for the general public: Friday 23 June, Saturday 24 June and Sunday 25 June 2017 

The Careers Plane/Jobs and Training Forum area host talks, activities and HR events on jobs and training, group visits for secondary and high school students, and numerous official delegations.

Meanwhile, you can find all job offers and training courses in the sector on